Kizuna artist collab

This initiative by Kizuna seeks to showcase the art pieces of talented artists within our community through our retail products. If you wish to commission an art piece by a particular artist or for other collaboration enquiries, you may contact them directly.

Artist collaboration enquiries: hello@kizuna.sg

A graphic designer by day, cook by night, and an illustrator on weekends, Min’s love for coffee and cats is only paralleled by his passion for creating beautiful random things. To him, anything can be a canvas, from tissue paper to cake.

The story behind Midnight Fantasy
“Midnight Fantasy is a series of reflections that capture my dark side. Life isn’t all butterflies and sunshine. There are days when shadows suddenly burst forth, turning even the brightest smiles to gloom. At these times, my mind fleets away to fantasies – of a blind man wandering around with a light on his hand; to a place where corals and mushrooms live together; to wide pitch-black spaces where nothing is visible except hopeless yellow spots. This is how my feelings speak to me.” -Min

IG: @mintydaily

4x Designs on Kizuna Cold Brew Bottles:
The Dream
The Illusion
The Lost
The Shadow

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